Labiaplasty Surgery in Newport Beach, CA

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Labiaplasty Surgery in Newport Beach, CA

Female genitalia naturally come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, but some women find they’re not entirely happy with or confident in the appearance of their labia. Age, hormone changes, childbirth, and genetics can change the look of one’s labia. For some women, feeling self-conscious about their labia keeps them from intimacy, wearing the clothes they want to wear, or going to the pool or beach in their bathing suits. For others, the labia can cause pain or discomfort when exercising or sitting down. Labiaplasty surgery can restore complete functionality and confidence, changing how a woman feels about her body for the better.

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What is Labiaplasty?

The labia are the folds of skin on each side of the opening to the vagina. While you may think that your labia look abnormal, the truth is that no two labia look the same. Some are short, some are long, and some are asymmetrical, meaning there’s no way to know what constitutes “normal” or “abnormal” looking. Nevertheless, large, uneven, or bulging labia can affect a woman’s self-confidence and cause physical discomfort, even sometimes leading to problems with hygiene and vaginal health. No matter what the issue is, the appearance and functionality of your labia can significantly affect your quality of life.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure meant to change the appearance, shape, or size of the labia minora (the inner vaginal lips) and/or the labia majora (the outer vaginal lips). Vaginal rejuvenation procedures like labiaplasty aim to correct any functional problems, such as discomfort that a person might be experiencing, as well as create more aesthetically pleasing labia.

What Are the Benefits of Labiaplasty Surgery?

Increased Confidence

For most women with oversized labia, the primary issue is that the excess vaginal tissue affects their self-esteem and self-confidence. Wearing bikinis or yoga pants or even being intimate with their partner can be agonizing as they worry about their appearance or deal with physical discomfort. Labiaplasty surgery can take away those worries so that you can experience more sexual satisfaction, enjoy physical activity more comfortably, and feel more confident in your appearance.

Comfort in Clothing

Wearing a bathing suit, tight leggings, or even snug-fitting jeans can be challenging when you suffer from oversized labia. Whether your labia causes you physical discomfort or you’re concerned about visible lines, bulges, or both, labiaplasty can prevent these problems and help you feel better physically and emotionally, no matter what you wear.

Increased Sexual Pleasure

Being intimate with someone often brings anxiety with it—concerns about how your body, specifically your labia, looks can crush your self-confidence. If you’re embarrassed about the way your labia looks, it can negatively affect how you experience sexual pleasure. Additionally, many women with oversized labia experience discomfort during sex due to excess tissue getting caught, chafed, or pinched. Eliminating redundant tissue will help prevent pain, enhance sexual confidence, and make sexual activities more enjoyable.

Improved Hygiene and Vaginal Health

Excess labial tissue often harbors more bacteria, making it more challenging to maintain good vaginal hygiene. For women with oversized inner labia, this can mean a higher risk of urinary tract infections, which are extremely uncomfortable and can lead to more severe problems like kidney infections. Larger labia can get caught in clothing, and consistent chafing may cause pain and injuries that can potentially get infected. Labiaplasty surgery can reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other health concerns.

Am I a Good Candidate For Labiaplasty Surgery?

Any woman who has experienced noticeable changes in her labia over time or has naturally large or asymmetrical labia is typically a good candidate for labiaplasty. Ideal candidates for labiaplasty are women over 18 who have good physical health and are at a healthy, stable weight, exercise regularly, and maintain a nutritious diet. Some other reasons to seek labiaplasty include:
  • Embarrassment about how your labia looks
  • Pain or discomfort when you exercise, sit, or engage in sexual activities
  • The presence of tears or irregular healing from tears after vaginal delivery
Candidates for labiaplasty should also be finished having children and have realistic expectations of their results. As with all procedures done with Dr. Paydar, patients must have stable mental and physical health before proceeding. Deciding to undergo labiaplasty is an incredibly personal choice and should only be done because you want it, not because someone else suggested it. If you are unsure if you make a good candidate for labiaplasty, don’t hesitate to contact Paydar Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation with Dr. Paydar to discuss your options.
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Dr. Keyian Paydar is an award winning clinical professor and board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience. He performs a full spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgery procedures, including breast enhancement, tummy tucks, and liposuction, in addition to face procedures like facelifts, brow lifts, fat injection, eyelid surgery, and rhinoplasty.

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How Is Labiaplasty Surgery Performed?

Labiaplasty generally involves the shortening or reshaping of vaginal lips. It is an outpatient procedure and can be performed using IV sedation with local anesthesia or using local anesthesia to ensure your comfort throughout the duration of the process. There are two standard techniques used in labiaplasty procedures. Dr. Paydar will decide which will work best for your circumstances and physiology and tell you what to expect. The techniques Dr. Paydar uses during labiaplasty are:

Trim Method

This approach involves the removal of excess labial tissue from the outside edge of one or both sides of your labia minora. This shortens the labia minora and makes it sit even with or inside the edges of the labia majora.

Wedge Method

This technique involves removing a V-shaped wedge of tissue from the inside of your labia minora, where the skin is the thickest. This method keeps the submucosa intact and creates a more natural appearance because the wrinkled edge of your labia remains intact. In some cases, Dr. Paydar will use tiny surgical scissors or a scalpel to sculpt the tissue into your desired appearance. The ideal approach is specific to the unique configuration and texture of your labia. Once the procedure is complete, Dr. Paydar will suture the incisions closed with absorbable stitches. The entire process generally takes about one to two hours to complete.

What Is Labiaplasty Recovery Like?

It’s normal to experience some pain in the incision areas while going through your recovery. Swelling and discomfort are expected and will dissipate as you heal. However, you can manage any discomfort with pain medication prescribed to you by Dr. Paydar and ice packs or cold compresses.

You may want to take a few days off of work to allow yourself time to rest and heal. Wear soft, loose-fitting pants and underwear during healing to prevent friction on the surgical area. After 24 hours, gently clean the labial area using lukewarm water–no soap–and carefully pat the area dry. You may experience stinging when you urinate, so utilizing a spray bottle or peri bottle as you pee will help ease your discomfort.

You can expect to return to your routine and activities after a few days and return to work. You should continue taking it easy, wearing loose clothing, and using a donut pillow when you sit to ensure you’re comfortable. It is essential to refrain from sexual activities and high-intensity exercise for six weeks or until Dr. Paydar clears you.

Dr. Paydar will provide explicit hygiene instructions to ensure a healthy recovery of the treated area. Due to the location of the procedure, Dr. Paydar will consistently monitor your recovery process to ensure everything is healing correctly. Some potential complications of labiaplasty include:

  • Excessive swelling
  • Increase in pain
  • Continued or increased bleeding
  • Discolored discharge
  • Severe pain when using the bathroom
  • Opening of your incisions

If you experience any symptoms you’re concerned about, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Paydar immediately.

What Can I Expect From My Labiaplasty Results?

Swelling will continue off and on for a few months, but you should be completely healed from your labiaplasty about three months after your surgery. You may be able to see some scarring; however, incision scars are hidden within the folds of your labia and will decrease in visibility over time. Labiaplasty results are long-lasting, but remember that things like childbirth, weight gain, and hormone fluctuations may affect your results.

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FAQs About Labiaplasty

Is labiaplasty considered vaginal rejuvenation?

Yes. Vaginal rejuvenation is an inclusive term and can include labiaplasty, vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, or hymenoplasty.

What happens during a labiaplasty consultation?

Your consultation with Dr. Paydar is an opportunity to discuss your desired changes and reasons for wanting labiaplasty surgery. He will thoroughly review your medical history and current health and assess whether labiaplasty suits you. Your one-on-one consultation is also a time to ask any questions about the procedure so you can be mentally and emotionally prepared. We will review the potential outcomes, providing visual aids so you know what to expect. If you decide to proceed with surgery, Dr. Paydar and his team will walk you through all pre- and post-operation details and financing options and schedule your appointment.

What will I need to do before my labiaplasty surgery?

After your consultation, you’ll be scheduled for your vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Dr. Paydar requests that if you smoke or vape, please quit for at least four weeks before your labiaplasty surgery and for at least six weeks after the procedure. Nicotine can inhibit your ability to heal correctly and create complications during anesthesia and recovery.

Can labiaplasty surgery be combined with other procedures?

Many women, once they’re finished adding to their family, are unhappy with the changes to their bodies after having children. A Mommy Makeover with Dr. Paydar is a collection of surgical procedures that help mothers reclaim their figures. Procedures often included in a Mommy Makeover are breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, and liposuction. During your labiaplasty consultation, ask Dr. Paydar about possibly including labiaplasty in a Mommy Makeover for a total body transformation.

How much does labiaplasty surgery cost in Newport Beach?

Labiaplasty procedures generally include three costs – anesthesia fees, facility fees, and surgical fees. The total price tag varies from patient to patient, depending on their individual needs and goals. We will break down the entire cost of your procedure during your consultation. We also offer financing through CareCredit and Alphaeon Credit to make plastic surgery more affordable.