Breast Surgery Procedures in Newport Beach

Breast Enhancement Procedures

Breast Procedures

Breast enhacement procedures, like breast augmentation and breast lift can improve the size and shape of a woman’s breast. Dr Paydar also performs breast implant revision to improve a previous breast surgery. Read more about the breast enhancement options at Paydar Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, or schedule a consultation with Dr. Paydar today to learn more.

Dr. Keyian Z. Paydar talking to patient

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Breast Augmentation can increase the size, improve the shape or balance the difference in the size of breasts.

Breast Lift can reposition the breast and improve the shape and fullness of sagging breast tissue.

Breast Revision is performed to replace an aging implant, or replace an implant that is too large or small.

During a Breast Reduction, excess breast tissue is removed to make the breasts smaller and lighter

Gynecomastia surgery is for men with overdeveloped breast tissue, help them achieve chest contour.

I was referred to Dr. Paydar by a good friend at the beginning of this year for breast augmentation. From the moment we met he exceeded my expectations in every way! From the consultation to figuring out the perfect size for me, he was absolutely wonderful. Everything with my surgery was smooth sailing, and he texted me every day checking on me for the first few days after in case I had any concerns.
Leighanna A.