Breast Implant Removal Trending 2024: Options, Benefits, Considerations –  En Bloc or Total Capsulectomy

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Even though breast augmentation is still popular, many people seek to remove their breast implants for two reasons: necessity or preference. Hollywood A-listers celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Yolanda Hadid, and Tori Spelling, among many others, have also not been left behind in this new pursuit of freedom. 
A report by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons shows that plastic surgeons removed over 36,000 breast implant augmentations in 2020 alone, an 8% increase compared to the previous year. In 2023, the number is expected to be even higher. So, what exactly is breast implant removal, and why is there an uptick in explants? This article provides insights into everything you need to know about breast implant removal. Take a look: Where is the link to the article you are going to use?

What is Breast Implant Removal? 

Breast implant removal is a common type of surgery to remove breast implants and any scar tissues that may have formed around the implants. Some people choose permanent breast implant removal, while others want to replace them for a newer breast implant or for a different size. These operations can be performed at the same time fat grafting or breast lift is performed.

Breast Implant Removal Options 

There are several options for breast implant removal, which include:
Breast Implant Removal with Capsulectomy, En Bloc removal, and breast implant removal with breast lift and or fat grafting. 

Breast Implantroval Removal with Capsulectomy 

Capsulectomy is the technique used to remove the capsule surrounding the breast implant. This technique can remove the scar tissues caused by capsular contracture (complications arise when the capsule squeezes the implant). Capsulectomy can be partial, total, or en bloc. 

En bloc Breast Implant Removal 

In en bloc explantation, your plastic surgeon will remove the capsule and the implant simultaneously and in one piece. This means that the implant will still be inside the capsule wall. This type of breast implant removal is indicated when there is a silicone implant rupture with free gel inside the capsule or if there is any concern for the very uncommon case of lymphoma (ALCL) related to the capsule and the contents within it?. En Bloc is the most expensive, time-consuming, and difficult option for breast implant removal
The en bloc capsulectomy may require longer scars to access the entire capsule. It is much easier to perform when a breast lift is needed and when an implant is sitting under the breast and above the muscle.  More notably, not all implants can be removed using this procedure. 
En bloc and total capsulectomy are often used interchangeably but are not similar. Total capsulectomy does not use an en bloc technique; however, all the scar tissue and implants are removed. In total capsulectomy, the implant does not have to be removed while still inside the scar tissue, which is the case for en bloc. Surgeons can remove the implant first, then the scar tissue.  This is done to minimize the length of the incisions or scars and in cases where it is not safe to perform the en bloc due to anatomy differences.

Breast Implant Removal with Breast Lift and or Fat Grafting

Here, your plastic surgeon may perform a breast lift after removing your breast implants. If your breast skin is sagging or loose due to breast augmentation with implants, aging, breast feeding, or enlarged breasts over the years, you might need to remove the excess skin and breast tissue for a more aesthetically pleasing result.
Your plastic surgeon will remove excess skin and sagging breast tissue and tighten it for better support. In some cases, they might need to resize the areola and reposition the nipples for better shape and size after reversing breast augmentation. Fat grafting can be added to increase the volume of breasts naturally with the help of liposuctioned fat from waist, flanks, abdomen, or thighs.

Breast Implant Removal Procedure 

The general procedure of breast implant procedure includes the following steps: 
  • Your plastic surgeon will place you under general anesthesia or sedate you. 
  • Incisions are made in the natural crease of your breasts. If a breast lift (mastopexy) is required as well, the incision will be made around the areola, down the lower part of the breasts, and a possible incision in the breast crease. These techniques are commonly referred to as the lollipop or anchor lift.
  • The implants and scar tissues are removed, and any silicone residue is carefully removed if the implant has ruptured (unless it is all removed en bloc).  
  • If you want to replace your implants, your surgeon will insert new implants in the appropriate pocket which is usually under the muscle of your chest wall.
  • Fat grafting with or without breast lift is an option here as well to increase the volume of the breasts.
  • Incisions are then closed using dissolvable sutures and; adhesive. 

Prepping for Breast Implant Procedure 

Breast implant removal in Newport Beach at Paydar Plastic Surgery is one of the most sought-after plastic surgery procedures in Orange County. Before your surgery, a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Keyian Paydar, recommends the following: 
  • Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking 4 to 6 weeks before your surgery. 
  • Live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Research and understand the risks associated with breast implant removal.
  • Be realistic with your expectations. 
  • Be honest with your plastic surgeon about what you want.
  • Strictly adhere to all before and after instructions provided to you by your surgeon.
  • Follow required pre-surgical testing protocol, as instructed by your surgeon.
  • Avoid medication that might interfere with your results, such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory meds. 
  • Rest well before the procedure.  

Benefits of Breast Implant Removal 

There are many reasons why people remove breast implants; some do it because it’s necessary, while others for cosmetic reasons. Regardless, reversing the breast augmentation has the following benefits: 
  • Relieves neck and back pain caused by large and heavy implants
  • Allows breasts to heal from scar tissue and other complications associated with implants
  • Reduces the risk of implant rupture
  • Improves the results of medical procedures such as mammograms (breast X-rays) since Silicone implants can interfere with X-rays 
  • Natural-looking appearance 
  • Brings more peace to the mind for those worried about how implants may affect the health of one’s body

Considerations for Breast Implant Removal 

Here are some common health concerns that require breast implant removal surgery:
  • When the scar tissue around the implant becomes hard (capsular contracture).
  • When the implant ruptures and starts leaking into your breast pocket.
  • When the breast implant moves or shifts.
  • You want to improve your breasts’ appearance.
  • You desire a more natural look. 
  • Your implants are long overdue. Implants need to be replaced. 
  • Your perception about your breast and body changes.

Breast Implant Removal Recovery Process 

The recovery process is all about minimizing stress around your breasts to boost healing. Breast wrap helps with compression to decrease fluid or blood collection after surgery. And lastly, a surgical support bra is used to support the breasts and to minimize swelling and offer compression. 


It is important to consult your plastic surgeon to determine the best option for you before choosing any operation for reversing breast augmentation. If you are in Newport Beach, schedule a consultation with Dr. Paydar to discuss your cosmetic expectations and how to achieve them. He also has many patients who fly from out of state or internationally for these same procedures.