The Ultimate Guide to Breast Augmentation in Newport Beach: Type, Size, Safety, and Recovery

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Breast augmentation is the ideal solution if you want to increase the projection and volume of your breasts, complement the contours of your hips, enhance the shape of your breasts, or boost your self-esteem.

Breast augmentation, colloquially known as a “boob job,” is a common medical procedure used to enhance breast size and shape. Individuals feel more confident and content with their bodies as a result. The following information pertains to breast augmentation in Newport Beach, California.

Dr. Keyian Paydar, MD, is a renowned plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, Orange County, renowned for his skill with breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures. If you are interested in breast augmentation in Newport Beach, Dr. Keyian Paydar is a reputable and skilled surgeon to consider.

Dr. Paydar has extensive training and experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery and is board-certified as a plastic surgeon. He is renowned for his exceptional abilities, artistry, and commitment to giving his patients results that appear natural. Dr. Paydar is devoted to providing individualized care and takes the time to comprehend each patient’s particular objectives and concerns.

He offers various types of breast implants, such as saline, silicone gel, and gummy bear implants. During your consultation, he will explain the characteristics of each available option so that you can make an informed decision based on your desired outcome and body proportions. The available varieties of implants are listed below.

Gummy bear breast implants, also known as form-stable implants, are cohesive silicone gel breast implants that retain their shape after the implant capsule has been cut. They are intended to have a firmer consistency than traditional silicone gel implants, resembling the consistency of gummy bear candies; hence, their moniker.

Prefilled silicone gel implants closely resemble the texture of native breast tissue. Silicone gel implants have been used extensively for breast augmentation for many years and are a popular option for a variety of reasons.

Saline implants consist of a silicone container containing a sterile saline (saltwater) solution. Due to their benefits, saline implants have been utilized for many years and continue to be a popular option for certain patients.

Selecting the Correct Size

When selecting the appropriate size of breast implant with Dr. Keyian Paydar, MD, an experienced and board-certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, it is essential to communicate openly and have faith in his expertise. Dr. Paydar will guide you through the decision-making process and collaborate with you to attain the desired result. Here are the procedures you can anticipate when selecting a breast implant size with Dr. Paydar:

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Paydar to discuss your breast augmentation objectives and expectations. Share your aesthetic preferences and any concerns you may have about breast size and shape during the consultation.

Dr. Paydar will conduct a comprehensive physical examination, assessing your breast anatomy, pectoral width, asymmetry, and body proportions as a whole. This evaluation is essential for recommending implant sizes that provide a proportionate, natural appearance.

Dr. Paydar may use visual aids, such as before-and-after images, to help you visualize prospective outcomes with various implant sizes. In addition, bringing pictures of breasts you like ensures that you and Dr. Paydar share the same vision.

Dr. Paydar will take precise measurements of your breasts and chest in order to determine the implant size and shape that will accomplish your desired results.

Dr. Paydar may provide you with sizers or trial implants to position in a bra during the try-on session. This enables you to “try on” various implant sizes and get a feel for how they will appear and feel.

Dr. Paydar will encourage open communication and attentively consider your feedback throughout the duration of the process. He will respond to any inquiries or concerns you may have so that you feel confident and at ease with your decision.

Professional Recommendation: Dr. Paydar will make a professional recommendation for the optimal implant size based on your objectives, body proportions, and personal preferences. He will provide an explanation for his recommendation and respond to any additional queries you may have.

Ultimately, the decision regarding implant size will be yours to make. Dr. Paydar will honor your preferences and collaborate with you to attain the optimal outcome.

Fat Transfer Breast Enlargement

Fat transfer is a breast augmentation procedure that employs liposuction to transfer fat from other body areas to the breast. The procedure is natural because no artificial substances are introduced into the body. Surgeons typically harvest fat from the quadriceps, abdomen, back, and flanks.

Fat transfer is ideal for women who desire a natural increase in breast size and symmetry. It does not provide as much volume as an implant and may require multiple fat grafting sessions to obtain the final volume and shape desired.

Dr. Paydar and his team provide exhaustive post-operative care instructions to facilitate a speedy recovery. They will support you and answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the recovery process. Typically, the discomfort lasts between two and three days and feels more like chest pressure than pain. You can return to normal activity within days, but you should avoid strenuous exercise for six to eight weeks. The importance that Dr. Paydar places on patient safety and comfort contributes to a positive recuperation experience.

Dr. Paydar performs breast augmentation procedures in a surgical center. A surgical facility that is accredited and fulfills the highest standards for safety and cleanliness. The Newport Aesthetic Surgery Center is endowed with cutting-edge technology and staffed with board-certified anesthesiologists and qualified medical professionals.

Risks related to breast augmentation surgery: As with any surgical procedure, breast augmentation entails certain risks and potential complications. Prior to deciding to undergo surgery, it is essential to be aware of these hazards. Although complications are uncommon, they can occur. Infection, capsular contracture, implant rupture, changes in sensation, scarring, asymmetry, hematoma or seroma, pain and distress are among the risks associated with breast augmentation.

Patient Testimonials: Dr. Paydar’s patients frequently express their satisfaction with the results and care they received through patient testimonials. You can gain insight into the quality of care you can expect from Dr. Paydar and his team by reading patient testimonials.

When considering breast augmentation with Dr. Paydar, you can anticipate a commitment to safety and comprehensive care throughout the procedure.

If you are interested in breast augmentation and are seeking a skilled and caring plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, Dr. Keyian Paydar, MD is a reputable option. Schedule a consultation to discuss your objectives and explore your options for breast augmentation with a surgeon committed to producing beautiful, natural-looking results that are customized to your preferences. Contact us immediately at (949) 755-0575 or at