How Long Do Breast Augmentation Results Last?

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Breast augmentation requires an investment in oneself, and many women want to know how long their results will last. Understanding the longevity of breast implants is essential for managing expectations and planning for the future. This blog discusses the factors that influence the lifespan of breast augmentation and how patients can prolong the beauty of their enhanced breasts. 

Choosing to Get Breast Augmentation

Anyone wanting to look their best considers various options. Deciding to get a breast augmentation is a highly personal choice, and many women make this decision for different reasons. Whether you’ve always had naturally small breasts and want to enhance your curves, want to correct breast asymmetry, want to replenish lost volume after pregnancy or weight loss, or want to restore breasts after mastectomy surgery, breast augmentation can provide the voluminous results you desire. 

Getting a plastic surgery procedure like breast augmentation takes a lot of planning and preparation. You must understand the process and have a clear idea of your surgery goals so you can discuss them with your surgeon and ensure that you are both on the same page before your procedure. Similarly, it’s important to know what results you can expect from your breast augmentation and how long those results will last. 

How Long Do Breast Implants Last? 

One of the top questions women have regarding breast augmentation is how long will their breast implants last. Undergoing plastic surgery is a big decision, and most women want to know that their results will last and be worthwhile. However, the amount of time that breast implants can stay in the body will vary from patient to patient. 

Most breast implants today have a lifespan ranging from 10 to 20 years, but they may be able to last even longer if no complications arise. Your surgeon can also give you an estimate during a consultation of how long you can expect your breast implants to last. 

A common reason that women need to have a breast implant removal procedure is due to implant complications. Implant leaks, ruptures, or capsular contracture are possible complications that can occur and would result in the implants needing to be removed. 

How to Get the Best Breast Augmentation Results? 

Choosing the right surgeon for your procedure is key to achieving the best possible results. Your surgeon’s expertise and compassion will significantly impact your overall breast augmentation experience, so it’s important that you choose an experienced board-certified surgeon with whom you feel comfortable. 

Dr. Keyian Paydar is an award-winning board-certified surgeon who performs breast augmentation in Newport Beach, CA. Breast augmentation is one of his specialties, and he understands that listening to his patient’s concerns and goals is essential to delivering the best results. 

How Can I Maintain Breast Augmentation Results? 

Listening to your surgeon’s aftercare instructions is critical for having a safe breast augmentation recovery and allowing you to enjoy your results as soon as possible. Don’t push yourself too far regarding strenuous activity during your recovery, as this may harm your results. 

Maintaining a stable weight is one of the best ways to keep your breast implants looking good for a long time. It is highly recommended that you eat a healthy, balanced diet and exercise regularly so your weight stays steady and your breast augmentation results continue to look excellent. Wearing a good, supportive bra can also help your breasts be properly supported and limit premature sagging. 

Attending all required check-in appointments with your surgeon post-surgery is important to ensure your implants settle properly. Some surgeons recommend massaging your breast implants to help them settle, so make sure to ask your surgeon what they recommend to prolong your results.

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